Secret Undersea Base Located

No, not a reptilian base; I think this one belongs to the cabal and was probably funded by—the tax payers.

Sept 17, 2012

In the above 1st image the red “X” and its highlighted coordinates mark the evidence location as well as the type of Philippine Sea underwater terrain it is located in.  [There must be a photo missing as I don’t see a red “X” on any of the images featured.]

Note that this location is basically in the middle of nowhere, well out east of the Philippine islands and Taiwan and northwest of Guam. All are familiar names to those versed in WWII information.

Note also that it is located on an elevated ridge system that forms the eastern boundary of a deep water basin that goes down west into what appears to be an abyssal plain extending west toward the Philippines.

You should know that this whole area is associated with the northern part of the Mariana Trench system. The deepest part of the Mariana Trench known as Challenger Deep is in the dark narrow area immediately south of the island of Guam in the image lower right corner.

Understanding ocean bottom terrain characteristics is important to understanding the evidence site here and its potential. In the open ocean deep there can be sea mounts that are known to fishermen even from ancient times.

Sea mounts are nothing more than mountains or mountain ranges on the ocean bottom the tops of which may come close to the ocean surface but not breach it. If the top does break the surface creating exposed land, from a mariner’s point of view it is of course known as an “island.”

Because of their elevated mass, sea mounts can dramatically effect water currents swirling around them and that can attract concentrations of living creatures such as fish, whales, etc. and thereby of course fishermen who sometimes try to keep their locations secret from their fishing competitors.

They may even spread rumors about the dangers of fishing around them to help keep others away. As you can see in the above image, this evidence site is right on and part of a elevated mountain ridge system oriented north and south extending south from Japan.

It would not be unreasonable to anticipate that any sea mount in these Mariana Trench system depths might be accompanied by others nearby along the same ridge system.

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