Virginia Police Hold Training Seminar About Sovereign Citizens

I guess they don’t like it when we know our rights according to the Constitution and stand up for ourselves. Too bad. No worries.

November 3, 2012

On December 5, 2012 the Virginia Office of the Attorney General is hosting a seminar about Sovereign Citizens for local law enforcement.

The seminar will last 7 hours and will take place at 990 Hilton Heights Road in Charlottesville, Virginia.

According to a press release posted by the DCJS:

“The Virginia Office of the Attorney General (OAG), in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), is pleased to announce a one day training bringing together law enforcement and prosecutors from jurisdictions across the Commonwealth to educate them about the sovereign citizen movement.

The sovereign citizen movement involves individuals and groups who uniformly reject federal and state authority.

Activities by these groups have included redemption schemes, use of fraudulent driver’s licenses and vehicle plates, and use of documents that falsely claim diplomatic and law enforcement privileges.

In recent years, law enforcement personnel in the Commonwealth have experienced a rise in the number of encounters with sovereign citizen.

While the majority of these encounters do not involve violence, the potential for harm to law enforcement exists.”

The press release admits that most Sovereigns are not not violent, but they are seen as a danger because their worldview undermines the authority of law enforcement.

The Sovereign Citizen movement consists of a growing number of people who are beginning to turn the rhetoric and legalese of the state against itself.

According to the nationalistic folklore put forward by the courts, people are only ruled because they consent to being ruled, so many of these people are withdrawing their consent from the system.

As much of a great concept as this as, and as much as everyone should be encouraged to pursue this lifestyle, there is one fatal flaw in this approach that must be remembered.

That flaw is that the whole system is a fraud to begin with, and the system will bend to the whims of authority regardless of what has been written into law previously.

With all of that being said withdrawing your consent from system and refusing to be ruled is something that everyone should be doing.

However, at the same time we should remember that the bullies who operate this system are not inclined to respect our decisions or our sovereignty, so it is important to remember that the government doesn’t follow their own rules.

If this meeting is taking place in Virginia then it is probable that similar meetings are taking place across the country.



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