Pod of Dolphins Form ‘Life Raft’ to Save Sick Companion from Drowning

And yet more evidence of an unprecedented spirit of compassion and cooperation among the cetaceans…acting as though they’re all One. Unfortunately, despite their heroic efforts, it wasn’t a happy ending.

(Daily Mail) They have long been known to be bright, friendly and intelligent creatures.

Now it seems they might also be lifesavers, because for the first time dolphins have been spotted teaming up to try to rescue an injured group member.


The amazing footage, filmed at Kyum Park of the Cetacean Research Institute in Ulsan, South Korea, shows 12 dolphins swimming very close together when one of their number gets into difficulty.

The female long beeked common dolphin wriggles and tips from side to side, turning upside-down while her pectoral flippers seem to be paralysed.

Instantly the other dolphins crowd around her, diving beneath as they try to keep her afloat.

Half an hour later and the dolphins have formed into a raft by swimming side by side with the injured female on their backs as they try to stop her from drowning.

Karen McComb at the University of Sussex in Brighton told the New Scientist: ‘It does look like quite a sophisticated way of keeping the companion up in the water.

‘It makes a lot of sense in a highly intelligent and social animal for there to be support of an injured animal.’

But Ms McComb said while the images suggested the dolphins understand when others are suffering, and can even empathise, the dolphins could have been trying to keep their group member alive to retain control of their territory.

There have been examples of single dolphins helping others, generally mothers helping their calves, but no cases of groups of dolphins working together to help another.

Dolphins are also believed to mourn their dead, after researchers witnessed them interacting with the corpses of dead group members.

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