Astrology for February 2013 and a Little Beyond, from Carl Boudreau

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The Astrology of February 2013 and a Little BeyondThe Floodgates of Change


The December 2012 composite chart indicated that transformations at the macro-level would be increasingly linked to transformations at the individual level. Individuals would begin to reshape the world as they transform themselves. This focus continued in January and extends into February.

The composite chart for the first half of 2013 shows a further continuation of this trend.

February’s Chart
Beyond the Personal

February’s chart indicates a major turning point in the global battle between progressive and conservative forces. It pulls the rug out from under conservative forces. It empowers and inspires progressive forces.  It strongly and aggressively supports negotiation and compromise. But it also indicates protracted debate and delay.

February reveals the melting pot facet of the new planetary arrangement. Sharply opposed ideas, highly polarized positions will be softened. Boundaries will blur and melt.

Transforming Collective Awareness

Asteroids, centaurs, transneptunian objects and such, play an important role in February’s chart.

Ixion, Pholus and Quaoar are in Sagittarius in the 1st near the ASC. Ceres, Lilith and Vesta are in Gemini in the 7th, straddling the DSC. They form a rough opposition across the relationship axis.

These non-traditional indicators tend to govern shared attitudes and responsibilities. They shape ethics, morality, politics and shared economic assumptions, for example. Personal relationships are already stressed by confusing and disruptive influences. Ethical, political, philosophical and other abstract issues will now complicate them even further.

Indicator by Indicator

On a practical level, this opposition divides fairly neatly along gender lines.

The cluster around the Ascendant, all in the 1st house in Sagittarius, has a distinctly masculine flavor.

  • Ixion governs the public trust. It is often linked to treachery in high places. At this point in history, as in many others, more men occupy high office and such abuses are more closely associated with men.
  • Pholus governs our response to peer pressure; we might be ethical in private, but do we maintain our principles when pressured by peers? Pholus suggests cronyism and corrupt interpersonal networks, gangs and cliques. Once again, historically, predominantly masculine phenomena.
  • Quaoar governs the destruction of old forms, clearing the way for the creation of new ones. Quaoar is often linked to fixed patterns that help mask abuse. Here, it suggests efforts to adapt corrupt practices to suit new conditions.

Taken together, these indicators conjure up images of a corrupt, entrenched and, for the most part, still very masculine elite.

The cluster around the Descendant, all in Gemini, straddling the cusp of the 7nth house, has a distinctly feminine flavor:

  • Ceres is associated with birth, death and nourishment – the fundamental facts of physical existence. It has strong feminine and 8th house resonances. Here, it evokes the battle over nurturance and other traditionally feminine issues currently raging in many countries.
  • Lilith is is linked to women’s empowerment issues. Here, it resonates with the expanding and intensifying struggle for women’s rights around the globe.
  • Vesta is linked to feminine spirituality, idealism and militancy. Here, it clearly resonates with the increasing idealism and militancy of the women’s movement, broadly defined.

This cluster in the 7th in Gemini points to a resurgence of feminist politics. It acts as a direct counter to the entrenched, male-dominated forces represented by the cluster on the Ascendant.

We should expect confrontations over nurturance issues generally, often with women squared off against the male-dominated establishment.

Gender-based patterns deeply embedded in our collective awareness will change dramatically and forever.

Sagittarius is the US rising sign. The confrontation indicated by this opposition will be especially apparent in the US.

Out of the Past

But there’s more.

Nessus is part of a sprawling stellium (including Venus, Sun, Neptune, Chiron, Mars, Mercury and, nearby, Uranus and Pallas) in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th houses governing personal, grassroots finances, community and deep personal psychology. The houses are in Aquarius, Pisces and Aries, respectively.

Nessus represents deeply ingrained guilt arising from actions in past lives. A sense of shared guilt will predispose us to reform.

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