Does Obama have a Reptilian Bodyguard? [videos] & Some Op-Ed

While we’re waiting… someone’s done some detective work and has presented video suggesting one of Obama’s bodyguards is a shape-shifting “reptilian”.

Now, please don’t get your knickers in a knot. Before you get all excited or indignant—we’re keeping it light here, just showing you what’s come up, and giving you something to think about.

For those of us who have been following this stuff for some time, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. For those of you who are new to the current reality and are still testing the waters—possibly doubting much of what you hear or read in the alternative news community—this may sound outright preposterous, but seriously, we’re not off our head and we know what we’re talking about.

Last summer when one of the cabal factions said they wanted to surrender, there were ongoing talks between our galactic brethren and members of the cabal and we were told it was interesting (I think “delicious” would be more apropos) to see that some of the members of the off-world negotiation committee who appeared human would suddenly shape-shift and present their true appearance to the attendees. This appearance was a long way from human, and we’re told had the desired effect in the intimidation of the recalcitrant Illuminati members.

So, when we say that one of Obama’s bodyguards may be a “reptilian”, it’s not far-fetched at all. Not all beings who resemble reptoids are necessarily evil and part of the Illuminati. There are many Galactics of the Light who may look ferocious to we Earth-bound humans, but are of another dimension and here to help us out of the mess we’re in.

When some classify beings as “reptilian” it may be a generalization in human terms, whereas if we were the galactic beings we were intended to be, we would have a more specific term for a soul who looks like this, like an Antarean, or something. (my apologies to this being in the video and those from Antares for this clumsy and probably inaccurate example as I have no idea what beings from Antares look like). It might be akin to classifying someone as looking “Chinese” when they are actually “Cambodian”; some similarities, but different.

To many in the Lightworker community, Obama is the one chosen to lead us through the dark and into the Light of Ascension. As bad as he may look—and many loathe him and what he has done (or we’re TOLD he has done)—taken in context, he is doing what his soul incarnated to do; and we understand there have been death threats for he and his family and I think it’s probable that he has a bodyguard who is not human. Who better to have your back than an ascended Being who can read minds and knows exactly what humans are planning to do at any given moment?

Could it be a result of some “work” done on the video? Sure, it could be. But it may not be. It takes a great deal of energy, we’re told, for a non-humanoid extraterrestrial living in our density to maintain the guise of a human. Occasionally they slip and we may get a glimpse of their true appearance.  There’s other video on YouTube like this, and some of  the ‘reptilian-looking skin’ is a result of a resolution issue or something akin to that. I’m not saying the video is authentic, just that it could be, and we shouldn’t necessarily dismiss it as fake. How does it “feel” to you? Real or not?

These are interesting times and pretty much anything is possible. It doesn’t cost anything to be open to the possibilities, and it’s a lot more fun to explore the possibilities than hurl rocks at people who are trying to share information that may help us assimilate our new reality; our TRUE reality; a reality that’s going to get REAL, real soon. (bad grammar, I know, but that’s the beauty of poetic license!)

So here you go—take it for what you will—but remember, one day WE will be able to project any image we choose and will be shape-shifters, too!

BTW, this info came to me by way of one of my favourite communities—“EXTRATERRESTRIALS”—a NING network. Members post the most amazing information, videos and photos. If you’d like to join and get current on what’s really going on in the world and prepare for your galactic life, you can join here. I promise you’ll never be bored!

Man In Black : Reptilian Shape-Shifter Spotted at Obama Speech

Look at the guy in profile in the background

Is one of Barack Obama’s bodyguards a reptilian shape-shifter?

The above screenshot was taken and captured from a news video clip recently.

The original footage can be seen in the video below discussing Obama’s upcoming trip to Israel while showing “Obama AIPAC 2012 speech”.

The segment captured above occurs at the 36 second mark of the first video. This video is getting a lot of views on YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet with comments coming in expressing shock, amazement and denial.

From the angle of the shot made by JN1 AKA “Jewish News One”, it looks like he shape-shifted and his human face was just gone. There’s no (edited) way that physical transformation could have been an image glitch.

Original Video Footage:

I’m not very tech-savvy, so here’s another video and some code I can’t get rid of.  ;0(

<br /><a href=”” target=”_blank”>Man In Black : Reptilian Shape Shifter Spotted…</a> <i>by <a href=”” target=”_blank”>ufoblogger</a></i>

Back in 2010 Barack Obama does a guest appearance on “The View”, and out of nowhere he started speaking of the reptilian parts of our brain.

Source Extraterrestrials Ning Network and

Check out another article with more video clips and close-ups of this being. No ears to speak of… clearly not human.

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