Emperor Constantine on BBS Radio ‘The Messenger’ Tonight; Aug 24th

Constantine, one of the men that brought the church of Jesus Christ ...Carolyn is in serious condition, my friends. Your love and light are appreciated.

Richard invites us to listen to one of the previous recordings from the archive.

Carolyn remains in hospital after her fall, so tonight we will again have a replay. It will be the program with Emperor Constantine I from April 27th this year. What you will hear is a very different perspective on how he saw himself from the one that has come down to us through history, and why he was willing to see many elements of what Jeshua taught destroyed by what became the Catholic Church. He had a much less obvious agenda, and one which succeeded wonderfully.

Tune in tonight (24th) at 9pm US Eastern Time on Station 1 at www.bbsradio.com . Copy the link into your browser address bar and press Enter if it does not work for you.

To just listen via the phone, call in on +1 (530) 881-1300 Access code 265115 #. Please check these numbers on the website if they are not working for you.

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

Richard Presser


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