The Alien Races Book; Free Access to a Historical Record of Many ETs on our Planet

It’s only fitting that shared this uncommon publication.

There’s interesting historical background as an introduction to explain how the book came to be, where the original information came from (the Russian/Soviet military) and how it was updated and shared today.

If you’re bewitched, bothered or bewildered about the extraterrestrial races—both benevolent and malevolent—that have visited this planet and may still be here, you’ll want to check this out.

It reads a little like the cast of extras in Star Wars. I even found fairies and elves in it!

They also identify which race poses as the “Men in Black”.

Myths and legends are usually based on SOME degree of fact and I was entranced by all the descriptions and even some actual images of beings from the stars, their purpose for visiting this jewel of a planet over the millennia, and a little about their cultures, where and when they were last seen and which governments they may have contacted.

This volume includes the Anunnaki and the reptilians who currently control much that goes on in government today—the ones that are on their way out, for good!

The information in this publication is, in part, what will replace the trash that currently passes for our history books.

P.S.  You will notice, if you get into the part about the Council of 5, that they mention humanity having come from a single-cell organism and being bred with primates. That is not my understanding at all. As far as I know, the Pleiadians, etc. seeded Earth with their own. We did not “evolve from the primordial slime”.

Aliens tend to lie more than a little, so take this information for what you will. The truth will be told very soon.


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