Regarding ET Rescue of Malaysian Flight 370…

Update: March 13 p.m. – So far I’ve listened to the first audio from Wednesday and it was loaded with intriguing information about flight 370, the passengers, their status, what happened and why the ETs seized the plane, what they plan to do next, the cigar-shaped craft, and a lot more.Wow! Eyes to the skies!

Ashtar said the passengers who chose to go to Agartha are overjoyed to be part of the plan to negotiate NESARA into being and are in it for the long haul until all their respective governments sign the documents so the “hostages” can be returned to their loved ones.

About 1:15:00 they discuss the RV. Very interesting, and very uplifting stuff.

A reader shared this, and since I’ve been called Pollyanna and the Unsinkable Molly Brown over the course of my life, I want to put this out there.

Personally, I believe ANYTHING is possible because there is so much we don’t know about our reality and physics. You can believe what you like.

Several contacts have already told us the Galactics made sure the plane and passengers are safe, and it would certainly fit with the radar images we saw and the cell phone responses and lack of wreckage. Could there be a better outcome? Win-win-win!

Thank you for this, Terry. I’d much prefer to envision this than the alternatives.  Until I hear otherwise, in my world all is well. ~ BP


Flight 370 Rescued by the Star Nations?

They did intervene in the Flight 370.

… No quote-unquote ‘hostages’ more like a bargaining chip for WORLDWIDE PEACE.

More was discussed on the Weds channel panel call

Also on today’s call

There was a major hydraulic malfunction that froze the flaps sending them upward. With no intervention it would have entered the stratosphere and blown apart due to the altitude. Ashtar and his ship saved all who wanted to be saved, approx 75%. The other 25% transformed into full 5th dimensional beings.

The ship and the 75% are safe and sound in Hollow Earth and having a marvelous time. The World Govts. of passengers on the plane have been informed of this fact and are being told to ENACT the Real NESARA programs worldwide, sign the agreements then the passengers can return to tell their stories, etc.

Col. Billie Faye Woodard

Highly suggest to read up on Col. Billie Faye Woodard at the site to gain more insight into who he really is, his mission on the surface, etc.  He was put in charge of Area 51 when he was 19 yrs old because of his abilities and spent 11 yrs below surface working there 1970-81 or so. All the shows are very enlightening and informational.

One tidbit he shared on one call: ever wonder why all shoes’ soles for the last 40-50 yrs are made from plastic? Because when they were leather we were grounded with the earth. Plastics you can’t be grounded with Mother Gaia.

This needs to go viral so ppl know the real TRUTH. I tried posting on other blogs but was unable to do so.

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15 thoughts on “Regarding ET Rescue of Malaysian Flight 370…

  1. Indira says:

    i don’t know. I’ve listened to both audios, and am open-minded. I came out of Pentecostal Christianity where a lot of false prophecies and “Words of Knowledge” would be given and would never come to pass. I would also, get messages as a Pentecostal and know i realize it was channeling. So, I am a skeptic, but find in interesting. I would have to see it to believe it. I remember reading about Admiral Byrd going into the Hollow Earth. Boy, would I love to visit them down there. I will have to wait and see.

    • Indira … at least you have an open mind … Sooner or later minds will have to consider a celestial side to these sort of mysteries … and consider that the disappearing crafts are vanishing through sky-rifts into inner dimensional realities referred to as upper heavens … because there are 4 high frequency rifts separating 4 overhead inner dimensional levels of open skies … all tuck away in earth’s upper 4 levels of the ionosphere …

      Scripture call such inner dimensional rift stream “rivers” .. and calls the 4 inner dimensional skyline realities “firmaments” … and each 4 horizons (where skyline meets the rift stream) are referred to as a heaven … mainstream is just behind on knowing these truths ..

      Nevertheless rift streams are high frequency energy streams flowing in a state of quantum acceleration filled with quantum charged ions having variable frequency levels within the rift streams which change proportionally in a descending or ascending skyline scale …

      If caught in such a rift stream a traveler could be caught in ‘time unchanging’ until a portal passage way swoops them out … or until the rift stream itself began to destabilize ..

      Now the only question would be then is … into which inner dimension did they go … and by who‘s assistance were they taken …

      Nevertheless … it has not been that scripture don’t speak of these celestial matters … it’s just that the perception being taught to mainstream has been incomplete ..
      2 Corinthians 12:2 ;(whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the “third heaven.”

  2. arson says:

    Lot of mental health problems to be seen around here

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  4. Doctor Sahib says:

    We are under attack by the an evil alien nation. They have been operating under darkness and remained hidden from us. Their goal is to takeover and destroy humanity.
    Ever since they were located, identified and their motives known. Time has come to fight them and stop their advances and takeover.
    We request all to join us in the fight for our survival. With Divine force on our side victory can be achieved in halting the dark evil forces.

    From Doctor Sahib

    • Doctor Sahib, you’re absolutely right. We have been under attack by evil aliens for eons, and it is now time to wake up and show them the door. We have also been warned by the positive star nations and now they are here to help free us. It is time to celebrate, not cower in fear.

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  6. Patricia Maas says:

    Anything is possible. From the very brief glimpse was fortunate to see, these people were helped. They are safe and will rejoin their families in the near future. They will surely have an interesting tale to tell and likely there will be some new people for the world to meet.

  7. Faye Brown says:

    Now in Circulating among those daring to peep outside the box, and those who keep up with hush hush contradictions too hot-and-heavy for mainstream thinkers … it was a well known celestial leader known as Ashtar who states that he and his fleet are responsible for the kidnapping of the Boeing 777 recently vanishing from the skies .. with his demand being that all military must disarm and turn in weapons to be obliterated ..

    Yet word is that these are secretly known as the satanic elites which were the real faces behind all the evil and oppression brought on mainstream for eons (from human trafficking to drug lords).. and such a disarming is to keep surface military from aiding a true celestial cavalry arriving soon .. these satanic elites (often referred to as people of the (negative) light) .. these are enemies of Earth, and now want all weapons destroyed for their own benefit … believe it or not .. There’s always a celestial side to any mystery story …. as for main stream, time well tell

  8. Gaye Estey says:

    YES, thank you!

  9. Kat says:

    Many years ago, before I was awake, a co-worker of mine always said (often), “THOUGHTS ARE THINGS”. Truer words were never spoken! We can manifest our reality; we can manifest a positive outcome for this “mystery”…Sending blessings, Kat

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