Weekly Digest for April 4th, 2014

Since I am pressed for time, but came across a lot of interesting items while iPadding with my guest, I thought I’d share in a short format.

It seems there’s a lot happening out there, and the Truth is getting more difficult to discern in some cases, while easier in others, at least from my perspective. 

The trolls and cabal minions are buzzing around the blog like gnats. Too bad they didn’t see the fly paper.  ~ BP

1. Breaking news from CNN (breaking propaganda, they mean) saying Flight 370 is…



2. Craig’s List Ad on March 17-18 Proves Fort Hood a False Flag Event

3. It appears that the “We’re comin’ to getcha” theme is more prevalent now. Careful! Wouldn’t want to propagate a “mob” mentality, now would we?

Neil Keenan Update for April 4th:

AND… Anonymous tells the cabal to “expect us” with respect to Malaysian Flight 370.


4. Alfred Lambremont, like yours truly, can’t tell which team Karen Hudes is playing for. Curious behaviour indeed.

Alfred Lambremont Webre III

Alfred Lambremont Webre III 11:30am Apr 4
KAREN WHO-DES? UPDATE ;-) What is this with Karen Hudes, a fellow Yale Law School grad? First Karen asks to be my Facebook friends, then I recommend her to Neil Keenan’s legal team, where she puts on a disruptive non-cooperative act, then I invite her for interviews (both on the new currency and ET issues), which she non-responds to; then she badmouths the International Common Law Courts of Justice, which are citizen common law courts active in 28 countries and which have force Pope Ratzinger’s resignation and have Elizabeth Windsor convicted on witness evidence of having abducted 10 indigenous children in Oct 1964 in Kamloops, BC, and which have Pope Bergolio, the Jesuit Head, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, all child trarfickers all on common law trial in Brussels, and she is now under-cutting them. WHO DOES KAREN HUDES WORK FOR? That is my question. Will the real Karen WHO-DES? PLEASE STAND UP!! In Light, Alfred ;-)

5. Massive Disc Photographed by ISS: What’s the deal?

Some of us believe it’s a Galactic craft, others say there has to be a logical explanation. Well, one logical fellow says he contacted the Brazilian planetarium and tells us it’s a computer-generated image. Simulated meteoric explosion? What?! It looks nothing like an explosion, and a whole lot like a mothership. Check out his video. What do you think? Could it be a form of soft disclosure?

Colleen Nidle says in an email (below)…

“Ok, this image was released by the Brasilia Planetarium recently and shows a massive disc shaped object stationed above the Earth. The disc is estimated to be around 3-5 thousand miles in diameter. We all know what it is – it is a Mothership. Makes my heart sing!

If you look at the bottom left of the image you can see a cloud formation passing over the top of the anomaly, this indicates that the object is not a projection onto the earth.

Selamat Ja!


So many images of galactic craft have been downloaded by the public from NASA that they no longer can allow it to happen by chance. There are so many ships out there now that it’s unavoidable, so…



6. You’ll find a whole slew of evidence supporting the ET presence and coverup here at Peers/Want to Know.

7. Some of us feel the missing Malaysian airliner Flight 370 is a major distraction from something else important going on. I’m sure you have some ideas on what that or those important things may be.


8. Swarms of galactic craft captured with high-tech photographic equipment. Impressive. April 2014.



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12 thoughts on “Weekly Digest for April 4th, 2014

  1. Wanderer says:

    Yeah. The wild part though, was this time I was leaving, not coming back. Before I went to sleep that night I conciously asked for contact in the dream state. In fact I had been asking for it on a nightly basis for months. Very beautiful experience and as soon as I did wake up, I knew immediately what had just happened… there was not a doubt in my mind.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Wanderer, that sounds pretty real, like a lucid dream, where everything is as real as this reality. The paralysis is due to your astral body coming back to your physical body (as you might already know), as you regain physical awareness at that time. Wow,…

  3. Wanderer says:

    People still fail to understand the nature of “free will”, and how timelines are continually changed/altered through our consciousness both on an individual and collective level. Not hard to see how we got ourselves into this mess. The Galatics are not fantasy. If not for them we would already be dead or in Fema’s concentration camps. We need to stop acting like spoiled, helpless children.

  4. Spock says:

    I wonder what a shadow such a ship would produce on the earth below, and why this is not mentioned here at all…
    And i wouldn’t give anymore credit to “Sheldan Nidle” with the “Galactic Federation of Lies” ! He told us for more than a decade now, that the game is over for the bad guys – lost the trust to him about 5 years ago after countless unfulfilled “promises”…

  5. […] via Weekly Digest for April 4th, 2014. […]

  6. Wanderer says:

    Jimmy, I had semi-conscious contact in the dream state about 3 weeks ago. I was quite fully lucid, but damn close. I saw no ships though. Two of them looked me straight in the eye, a small man, dark complected but almost a greyish hue, human looking but yet not human. Don’t know how I knew, but there wasn’t a shred of doubt when I came back down. The other was a beautiful lady, green eyes I think, and her skin was like gold or bronze. I became aware of her because she kissed me on the top of my head and when I turned around she, like the other man, looked straight into my eyes… she was not human. I heard them mention my name as they were talking amongst themselves. It was incredible what led up to it… as I lay in bed flat on my back, I started to experience what I thought was sleep paralysis. I was trying to move and couldn’t… a little panic started to set in, but after a second or two I just stopped fighting it and I was yanked from a horizontal position to a vertical position, stiff as a board and shot straight up in the air… I was fully conscious for that part! My stomach just dropped like I was in a high speed elevator. Then I was in a house where they all were talking and smiling at me. I felt drunk and groggy… almost conscious but not quite. After the incident/greeting with the Mayan looking little man and that beautiful bronze/golden lady, I came awake in my bed. As soon as I opened my eyes I started yelling excitedly “thank you, thank you”! I had tears in my eyes and knew it wasn’t just a dream. I had been asking for it and working hard to raise my vibration. I know now I will meet them face to face soon… that is the next step. I feel them around and That woman is etched in my mind. Her eyes, cheek bones, skin and hair… I am just gone thinking about… just totally blown away that is finally happening… it’s real, man, it’s real!

  7. John Stevens says:

    Amazing! TY Cheers

  8. Mell says:

    Hi all, the video in regard of the mother ships, there is one in Pole North and the other is in South Pole to sustain the planet, otherwise, our planet would have exploded long time ago. These were place by the Galactic federation of Planets, I did find out about this long time ago, trust me. peace be with you.

  9. Jimmy says:

    Sorry, but the labeled mother-ship does look organic in nature (like it is part of the earth). Towards the edges there are many sections colored just like the ocean across from the outer rim, which is not present everywhere around the circumference. And the white edges of the rim could be cloud or a water wave. I’ve seen incredible mother-ships in dreams, & this does not look anything like a mother-ship to me. It does look more like a computer simulation of an explosion. The very 1st time I say this, I immediately thought it looked like a super-imposed computer graphic. Just my opinion.

  10. ALAACHAEL says:

    I watched the before its news CNN report :) I also watch the videos Michelle Obama is a man. In the last video (4), Philip Wood (the iphone hidden in butt) guy apparently is a Boston bombing actor and so is his girlfriend who looks idential to the woman on CNN. LOL

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