Earthquake Rocks Dallas on 50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination There

Another ‘coincidence’?  Not usually. 

And it’s no coincidence the lamestream media is almost ignoring this historic event, either. 

CNN has come up with this, however.  ~ BP


Date: Sunday, 23-Nov-2014


This is just another reason I see significance in the time and location of earthquakes, of various magnitudes. If it’s a felt earthquake it is potentially a “big” earthquake in prophetic analysis, as also it is potentially “big” if it happens in an area where earthquakes are rare. This one tonight in Dallas was only magnitude 3.3, but it was widely felt, and the location & timing (51 years after Kennedy assassination there) is very interesting.

“CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reported the quake was felt over a wide area, likely because it was relatively shallow. It was the strongest earthquake to hit the Dallas area since September of 2009 [“3.3 strongest in Metroplex since 3.4 on Sept.29th, 2009″ ], which has experienced several temblors since the summer.”

3.3 magnitude earthquake shakes Dallas-Fort Worth

3.3 magnitude earthquake rattles North Texas

Magnitude-3.3 earthquake shakes North Texas–earthquake-shakes-north-texas/article_a0463ca8-8b9d-515c-b61b-bbbd0a024824.html




Ebola Cure Revealed in a Nov. 22nd Press Release by American Medical Professionals

Thanks to for the heads up. 

This is HUGE my friends! This enables us to foil the cabal’s hopes for an epidemic in the USA and the subsequent “forced vaccinations” we’ve been hearing about. We just need to ensure the right people put the pressure on officials to expand on these treatments and facilities and then spread the word to the masses. 

If just ONE mainstream media network in the US picked up this story, it could blow the lid off everything the cabal has been planning. We can tear up their playbook and burn it.

Christmas miracles, anyone?  ~ BP

Press Release Announces World’s First Case of Cured Ebola

In a recent press release titled “Rapid Ebola Infection Cure, November 22, 2014” Drs. Robert Rowen, of Santa Rosa California and Howard Robins, of New York City, have announced the first cure of the Ebola infection in the world with a safe treatment costing less than 40 USD. The treatment’s main pillar consists of direct intravenous infusion of ozone gas (DIV) with the additional aspects of oral vitamin C and glutathione support.

On Friday November 14, 2014, a physician at an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone in West Africa accidentally stabbed himself with an Ebola contaminated needle. Fortunately for the unlucky physician, Drs. Rowen and Robins had just finished an on-site training in Sierra Leone of the Rowen-Robins Ebola Treatment Protocol for the region’s health care professionals battling Ebola. According to the press release:

Upon the emergence of symptoms 2 days later on Sunday November 16, he called Kojo Carew, MD of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Dr. Carew is the physician in charge of maintaining the program and equipment/supplies brought and taught by Rowen/Robins who came to Sierra Leone to teach the protocol at the invitation of President Ernest Bai Koroma in October 2014. The infected doctor did not return to work on Monday November 17, 2014, which became his first day of treatment.

The press release goes on to describe the immediate collaboration across borders that led to what appears to be the world’s first successful cure of the Ebola infection.

 “Dr. Rowen was informed of the needle stick on Sunday November 16, 2014, but was not advised that symptoms had yet developed. Rowen sent back instructions to treat him preventively and immediately with the protocol, believing the exposed doctor to be at great risk for symptoms to develop within 5 days. Dr. Robins, informed shortly after, concurred with the preventive protocol and urgency of treatment

This press release comes on the heels of November 7th interview of Dr. Rowan by Alex Jones of in which the doctor chronicled his recent experience teaching the medical professionals in Sierra Leone. Particularly telling was Dr. Rowen’s description of the suppression he witnessed by the Minister of Health and his Deputies concerning his ozone therapy. According to Dr. Rowen’s account, “The medical staff at the Ebola center jockeyed, they vied to get (ozone) treatments to protect themselves.” He continues, “A call came in when we were there from the Minister of Health and then a second call came in from the Deputy Minister of Health telling the military major (who was in charge of the government facility) ‘If you value your job, there will be no ozone treatments at the facility’”. Against this backdrop of information, one can get a better understanding of the November 22nd press release when it states:

The doctor chose not to get an Ebola blood test at the time. A positive test would have mandated forced confinement in an Ebola treatment center where he would have been denied the ozone therapy. He believed this would likely have cost him his life, as the best clinics in Sierra Leone have a 60% death rate.”

The recent press release concludes by stating:

Today, November 22, 2014, Dr. “X” is in apparent good health and completely symptom free.”

Dr. Rowen has been working with ozone therapy since 1986 which makes him the most experienced practitioner in North America. According to Dr. Rowen, the key benefits of ozone therapy are:

  • It can be administered at less than a dollar per treatment
  • It improves the realogic properties of blood flow (blood flows better)
  • It releases more oxygen from the red blood cells and it helps the mitochondria burn that oxygen to make energy
  • It modulates the immune system
  • Ozone is directly viral inactivating by biochemical processes (viruses are inactivated by oxidation and ozone is the ultimate oxidant and it’s non-toxic)

Taking the press release at face value, it would be of great importance for sustained, worldwide pressure to be applied to Dr. Abu Bakarr Fofanah, the current Minister of Health and Sanitation who is running the conventional Ebola treatment facilities (minus ozone therapy) in Sierra Leone. It is essential that he understand that the world’s eyes are now on him and evaluating his reasoning to exclude, what appears to be, a viable Ebola cure available to his people now.

For more information please visit the following links:

Dr. Robert Rowen

Robert Rowen MD on YouTube

Dr. Howard Robins & Team Taking Ozone



The Royal, Viral Rant Against the Latest Delay of the RV/GCR

It appears the volatility of the financial situation has ignited an outcry concerning the recent word about the delay of the RV/GCR financial reset.

Not until 2015 now you say? Ouch.

There are those in precarious financial positions and at the end of their fuses and some are not going to take another postponement in stride.

Maybe you feel the same way.

However, according to Cobra, December 15th marks the opening of the next most likely window for The Event to manifest, and if it does between then and March 17th, then the RV/GCR would happen simultaneously.

There’s just no way to know in advance the timing. We have no choice but to wait and try to keep a cool head.

Cobra has reiterated that he is extremely doubtful the RV/GCR would occur prior to The Event, so I’ve been skeptical that it was going to happen “any day now”.

If they do this before the cabal is removed, then would our funds be safe? I think not.

We’ll just have to look after each other as best we can to get though the crises that arise and hope for a speedy resolution to the insanity on Starship Earth.

I choose to focus on the magic of Christmas, my family, a time of miracles, and use my intentions as best I can.

You can read the colourful response to the latest chapter of the cat and mouse game here.  ~ BP



The NEW Ferguson: Brooklyn, New York [video]

I hate to say it, but it appears this is the next cabal attempt to incite riots and racial conflict in America so they can declare martial law.

White police shooting an unarmed black man in a stairwell on sight with no altercation or provocation whatsoever? That would do it.

And blaming it on ‘rookie’ status—a ploy. I’m sure he was handsomely rewarded for his troubles. 

The New York Police Force and other city officials are well-paid kabal komrades and this stunt is no surprise. ~ BP


Tolec’s Round Table Discussion on “Comet” 67P

Oh, this is fun. Five minutes ago I checked for the link to the full report and got a 404 error, but now, at 2:22 pm., here it is! Prepare to have your mind expanded!  Thank you so much, Tolec, for all the incredible information you bring us. Thank you also to KP, Brad, Dr. Joe Marra, and the Andromeda Council. Good stuff!

If you love exploring the nether realms of reality, dig in to this round table discussion.

Oh, and Tolec’s portion at the top of the show has such a low volume you’ll have to wear headphones to hear it, or watch the 11 minuted video he did, below.

An odd thing happened, though, when I was listening Saturday night.

We were 5 – 10 minutes in—and it was riveting, I can tell you— when suddenly the live feed stopped, and the recording of the previous program on PSN radio came on, and I never was able to get the live feed back, so I’m on pins and needles until I can snatch a couple of hours to listen to this.

Tolec has provided a super video to tide us over until he can get the actual report from last night uploaded.

There are some key points added in text to the video for those hard of hearing. They tell us “comet” 67P is a “long-range probe”.

I see Tolec has modified his posts at and they no longer reference Universal Talk Radio for this broadcast so I don’t know what happened, but I’m grateful it’s going to be available for listening later today.   ~ BP

“Due to literal technical difficulties in the web casting of this program, the archive recording of it will be posted tomorrow, Sunday, November 23, 2014with a specific YouTube web link address.  Thank you for your understanding.
This detailed analysis & commentary includes guests:
Tolec, Kau’ila (KP), Joe Marra & Brad Johnson.”


Until the full report is ready, you may be interested in this interview uploaded by Tolec on November 20th.

“This broad ranging discussion during the Monday evening, November 3, 2014 meeting of “UFOs Paranormal & More”, with a live audience in attendance, between Tolec, Alfred Webre & Ray Kosulandich covers many topics relevant to our changing world today in late 2014. Questions on the part of the live audience are answered as well.”


Fox 28 Jumps Gun, Posts Regarding Officer Wilson’s Indictment, Then Scrubs It

And to make the tale even more interesting, that story on Intellihub is no longer there, either. I get a 404 error.

Intellihub Ferg screenshotBut I got a screen shot. (Patrick told me recently how to do that on my iPad so I’m thrilled I learned something new!)

We’ve seen this sort of thing happen many times where the media posts something related to a hot topic and then pulls it after a few hundred hits. They obviously aren’t above playing games with the public. We’re being ‘managed’.

Here’s what the email notification said…

Was the cat let out of the bag early? YouTuber questions

FERGUSON, Mo. (INTELLIHUB.COM) — YouTuber DAHBOO77 stumbled upon an interesting find, pointing out in his most recent video how Fox28 released an article claiming that the “grand jury investigating the shooting of Michael Brown” had “announced their decision to indict Ferguson officer Darrien [misspelled] Wilson.”

Read Entire Article

So this is just a sample of the manipulation in the media these days. Pretty pathetic, if you ask me, and something to watch.

It’s been suggested that this Ferguson fiasco is designed to ignite race wars in America, leading to martial law, etc., but let’s hope the new energies will not support that.

Thanks for the vid, Patrick.  ~ BP

PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY: The eastern Ukraine Theater of War is Escalating Hugely Since the G20 Ended

Damaged house in the aftermath of a shelling attack in Luhansk region

Photo credit:

It sounds as though the New World Order is getting even more desperate and reckless as they lose their grip on the global situation on all fronts. They are beating their drums of war so frantically, they can’t hear the reverberations.

Let’s hope they make a mistake SO DRASTIC that it triggers The Event.  The cabal aren’t the only ones who are desperate. Enough is enough.  ~ BP


Leuren Moret — URGENT: PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY — The eastern Ukraine theater of war is escalating hugely since the G20 ended.

Originally posted on 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?:


The eastern Ukraine theater of war is escalating hugely since the G20 ended.  The Mossad, mercenaries, 10 international war criminals have been caught with govt troops, and they are now using mini-nukes, ballistic missiles, heavy artillery destroying all of the infrastructure in villages and towns as well has hundreds of citizens every day.  At least 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers (Kiev Nazis) have been killed because they had no training and many did not have weapons, and at least 20,000 eastern Ukrainian citizens are dead killed by the Ukrainian bombing and shelling houses.  There are elderly people dying because they can’t leave their bomb shelters to get food and water.  Some have no gas to cook with.  This is a blatant and complete genocide and a harbinger of what is coming to many places targeted by the NWO order all over the world.  This is the Jesuit template…

Read the rest…