Censored Evidence of Vancouver-Based Child Trafficking-Murder Ring Now Available

It’s so difficult and painful to acknowledge that my Canada has been a hotbed of pedophile rings and a haven for those who sought to carry out the genocide of our First Nations.

The fact that the Queen of England came to Canada decades ago and took her pick of native children to molest and use in ritualistic cult sacrifices is, of course, a bitter pill to swallow, but it is all true. Mass graves don’t lie.

Thankfully, Kevin Annett and his teams are cleaning up and exposing the corruption and unspeakable acts. Thank you Alfred Webre for your tireless work, as well.  It IS undeniable now and can no longer be swept under the carpet.

We must all come to terms with these despicable crimes against Humanity.  Removing content from Youtube only serves to cement the fact the crimes were perpetrated and screams “guilty!” in a louder voice. 

Word is getting around. It’s not only the “alternative media” and blogs who are telling the story now, as you’ll see by the link below.  


How will loving couples who celebrated their marriages at the Vancouver Club feel when they learn that children were raped, tortured, and used in satanic blood sacrifices within its halls?  ~ BP


ITCCS News Break: November 18, 2014

Vancouver Club

Child Trafficking Center: The Vancouver Club
Vancouver: The breaking interview with Kevin Annett that names those involved in a Vancouver based child trafficking-murder cult is now on line, after being removed from Youtube.
Evidence suggests a direct link between the Vancouver “Twelve Mile Club” and the Vatican’s Ninth Circle ritual sacrificial cult. Please share widely.

The World-Wide Pedophile Web is in Tatters

Thank goodness we at least have good news on this front on a regular basis. There have been many arrests and they continue.

Pope Francis must have agreed to support the Light in exchange for leniency when judgement day comes. 

Somehow though, “sorry” just doesn’t cut it.  ~ BP

Spain arrests 3 priests, layman in Granada sexual abuse ring

November 25, 2014

MADRID – Three Spanish Catholic priests and a lay person were arrested on Monday, a police source said, in a child sexual abuse case whose victim Pope Francis has reportedly telephoned to offer the Church’s apology.

Investigations into the case in the southern province of Granada started “some time ago,” Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz told reporters, confirming four arrests, but he could not give further details because the issue is sub judice.

Granada Archbishop of Granada Francisco Javier Martinez last week removed several priests from their duties after a man wrote to Pope Francis saying he was abused when he was an altar boy.

The Argentine-born pope personally called the man in August to apologize on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church, according to the Spanish religion news website Religion Digital.

The website said the four suspects belonged to an unofficial arch-conservative group of priests and lay Catholics in Granada. The interior ministry statement did not identify them.

On Sunday, the archbishop and six priests prostrated themselves in front of the altar in Granada’s cathedral to seek pardon for sexual abuse in the Church.

“We will cry for a few minutes in silence to God to ask his forgiveness for all the Church’s crimes, for all the scandals there have been and for those that may have taken place among us and anywhere in the world,” Martinez said. Reuters




Confirmation from the Ukraine of the Ramping Atrocities

A Ukrainian volunteer fighter stands guard in the village of Peski near Donetsk, eastern Ukraine Nov 22, 2014

Regarding the post from Leuren Moret via Jean Haines, a reader here at Starship Earth in Geneva, Switzerland sent the article to a friend in Spain, who forwarded to their friend in the Ukraine.  Thank you for relaying this information, Cristina. And the translation. I really appreciate it.

I’m afraid it is not simply fear mongering , my friends. Those psychopaths are killing relentlessly behind the backs of Americans, using American tax dollars to perpetrate their genocidal plan. Like here, not even the residents of the Ukraine understand the agenda of the Illuminati.

We must hold the people of the Ukraine in our hearts and send love to this situation. It’s all we CAN do for now. The slaughter has to stop very soon, but I’m afraid that until something akin to this actually happens on American soil, the slumbering and apathy will continue.

Following is the thread (translated) and names changed:

Dear Molly,

I did forward your message to a friend in Spain who transmitted it to Sergei a friend of his.
Herewith, please find his answer. Thought it is interesting.

Cristina from Geneva
Hello Sergei,

I’m sending you this info. Is it true what they say?

All the best.

Dear François.

To my great regret, with pain in my heart for my native Ukraine, I must tell you that it really is true!

Western media broadcast only the official news published by the fascist government of Ukraine.
What’s really going on in Donetsk and Luhansk, is beyond the understanding of normal people.
Kiev denies the right to life of its citizens just because they have their own point of view on the events that began a year ago in Ukraine.

Now there began a real genocide, government forces and armed fascist thugs (the so-called “National Guard”) ignore the Minsk Agreement and just kill everyone. The Ukrainian government does not hide the fact that it does not need the citizens of the South-East of Ukraine (8 million people !!!). It needed only the land, mines and other natural resources. In India, I have the opportunity to watch the official government channels of Ukraine on Ukrainian language. Every day all correspondents say only that all of today’s problems in Ukraine occurred only because of Russia, that poor Ukrainians were oppressed by Russia more than 600 years.

Ukraine, the US and NATO are trying hard to get Russia to send troops into the territory of Ukraine for the protection of the population in South-East from complete destruction. Russia only sends humanitarian convoys with food, medicines and building materials to repair houses. OSCE observers have not detected any movement across the border of Russia and Ukraine a single soldier, a convoy with weapons or military equipment.

I pray to God that the President of Russia, the Government and the Ministry of Defence had the patience and wisdom enough not to succumb to these provocations. Problems with sanctions we will survive and no one in Russia will be hosting a “color” revolution, as is shouting in the west.

Yours sincerely,


Foreign coach in the Indian Army,
Ethnic Ukrainian,
Russian citizen

Fox 28 Jumps Gun, Posts Regarding Officer Wilson’s Indictment, Then Scrubs It

And to make the tale even more interesting, that story on Intellihub is no longer there, either. I get a 404 error.

Intellihub Ferg screenshotBut I got a screen shot. (Patrick told me recently how to do that on my iPad so I’m thrilled I learned something new!)

We’ve seen this sort of thing happen many times where the media posts something related to a hot topic and then pulls it after a few hundred hits. They obviously aren’t above playing games with the public. We’re being ‘managed’.

Here’s what the email notification said…

Was the cat let out of the bag early? YouTuber questions

FERGUSON, Mo. (INTELLIHUB.COM) — YouTuber DAHBOO77 stumbled upon an interesting find, pointing out in his most recent video how Fox28 released an article claiming that the “grand jury investigating the shooting of Michael Brown” had “announced their decision to indict Ferguson officer Darrien [misspelled] Wilson.”

Read Entire Article

So this is just a sample of the manipulation in the media these days. Pretty pathetic, if you ask me, and something to watch.

It’s been suggested that this Ferguson fiasco is designed to ignite race wars in America, leading to martial law, etc., but let’s hope the new energies will not support that.

Thanks for the vid, Patrick.  ~ BP

PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY: The eastern Ukraine Theater of War is Escalating Hugely Since the G20 Ended

Damaged house in the aftermath of a shelling attack in Luhansk region

Photo credit: http://en.itar-tass.com/world/760701

It sounds as though the New World Order is getting even more desperate and reckless as they lose their grip on the global situation on all fronts. They are beating their drums of war so frantically, they can’t hear the reverberations.

Let’s hope they make a mistake SO DRASTIC that it triggers The Event.  The cabal aren’t the only ones who are desperate. Enough is enough.  ~ BP


Leuren Moret — URGENT: PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY — The eastern Ukraine theater of war is escalating hugely since the G20 ended.

Originally posted on 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?:


The eastern Ukraine theater of war is escalating hugely since the G20 ended.  The Mossad, mercenaries, 10 international war criminals have been caught with govt troops, and they are now using mini-nukes, ballistic missiles, heavy artillery destroying all of the infrastructure in villages and towns as well has hundreds of citizens every day.  At least 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers (Kiev Nazis) have been killed because they had no training and many did not have weapons, and at least 20,000 eastern Ukrainian citizens are dead killed by the Ukrainian bombing and shelling houses.  There are elderly people dying because they can’t leave their bomb shelters to get food and water.  Some have no gas to cook with.  This is a blatant and complete genocide and a harbinger of what is coming to many places targeted by the NWO order all over the world.  This is the Jesuit template…

Read the rest…

Cobra Updates from Nov 21st and Nov 17th

The voice modulation in the interview below from Nov. 17th update was heavy, so Cobra was a little harder to understand, but I enjoyed the exchange.

Is it just me, or does Cobra sound lighter, less intense, a little more relaxed?  I’ve yet to hear him laugh, though. What’s going on is no laughing matter to Cobra. He’s all business, isn’t he? 

Regardless, there has been a tremendous amount of effort going into creating communications in many languages so we can all stay current.  Tons of new videos below. 

I hope record numbers of people are participating in the Violet Flame meditation each day for Long Island to eliminate the Chimera group, and the weekly meditations.  I can’t bear to see another window come and go with no Event.  ~ BP


Nov. 21st, Update

Window of Opportunity 2014-2015 Videos


























Nov. 17th Update

A Short Update

There is a very delicate operation of the Light forces ongoing and until it is complete, no substantial intel can be released. If everything goes according to plan, heaps of intel will be released in a few weeks and especially after mid-December.

Until then, you can listen to this short but interesting Cobra interview (the first 14 minutes):
Also, for the French speaking population, beautiful videos have been created.
About the Event:
About the compression breakthrough:
About the Galactic Confederation:
About the Galactic Codex:
About the forces of Light and forces of darkness:
About the White Knights:
About quarantine Earth endgame:
And about the Removal of the Chimera:
Despite all appearances, the victory of the Light is near!

Yellow Rose for Texas Has a New Facebook Group

Yellow Rose 06

Rose’s (space)ship may have just come in. She’s in business on FB with several admins. I was approved almost instantly by Joy, of Joy to the World. Thank you, Joy!

I can’t wait for the next update from Rose, especially considering what’s going on upstairs these days.   ~ BP