Who is Behind ‘Suspicious Observers’? Another Video

People are divided on this issue, as people always are when someone they believe is a “good guy” turns on another good guy and tries to make them out to be a bad guy. People hate to admit they were suckered. I admit it—I’ve been suckered, and I learned from it.

Someone has gone to the trouble to create another video in defense of Dutch Sinse and exposing Suspicious Observers. I think it deserves a few minutes.

When you look at the cabal’s MO, which is to make out you’re a patriot, expose the cabal’s tricks and lies, share a few little secrets for a couple of years and then, when you’ve earned the trust of the Truth Movement, swoop in for the kill and attack someone who is legitimately sharing the truth and prevent them from doing that… it’s pretty obvious.

Davidson has an agenda and he wouldn’t be the first. Drake, Alex Jones… you probably know of others. Many have tried to tell us the former were disinfo artists but many Truthers were loyal and didn’t listen; they just couldn’t or didn’t want to see it. Sometimes we need a kick in the head for us to see what is painfully transparent to others.

Ben Davidson, the ‘Suspicious Observer’ appears to have done the same as other disinfo artists. It was classic cabal, as I’ve said.

He was dogging Dutch Sinse for years, making his life miserable—even threatening to take his channel down—but Dutch was not intimidated.

Then suddenly Davidson concocts some trumped up charge out of the blue to discredit Dutch and used his clout as owner of a viral video media company to spread lies about Dutch to the point his YouTube channel was shut down.

What could Dutch have possibly said or done in his videos to warrant this? It’s absolutely ludicrous. The cabal always have their reasons—two of them—the reason they tell us (which are always ridiculous), and the real reason.

In my humble opinion, choosing to refer to “HAARP rings” as some other scientific term at some point does not make someone a spreader of disinfo. Dutch can call HAARP rings anything he likes. The meaning and images were clear in his videos and the charge was utterly ridiculous.

Davidson used the “righteous indignation” ploy and played up the drama to a pitiful degree to make it sound like Dutch is a dangerous guy and threatened Davidson’s family.

Davidson lied about what Dutch said and did and Dutch proved that by showing his exact words on Facebook in his rebuttal video. Then Davidson made a retraction and said Dutch did NOT threaten him—but the damage was already done.

Davidson also played the “family man” card, as Alex Jones has done. Many evil people have families. It doesn’t make you a saint. Most of the Illuminati have families.

Davidson’s actions fit the blueprint of the cabal and are in line with their desperate attempts to retain control.

The disinfo comes not from Dutch, but from Davidson, spreading an article saying HAARP was shut down. THAT was purposeful disinfo because HAARP was so much in the news after the weather wars in Calgary and Toronto.

Who, in our experience gets shut down—whether it’s a web site, YouTube channel or Internet radio show? The good guys! The ones who share the truth and are having a positive impact on the Truth Movement are the ones the cabal takes out.

Sure, I could be wrong about Davidson, but if he is honest, ethical, and up-front, why is he soliciting donations from the Truth Movement when he runs E3, a multi-million dollar company that, by their own admission, has contracts with major corporations and the military?

And seriously, Davidson—to have your daddy respond to Dutch’s accusations? Really dude? How old are you? Daddy is still fighting your battles for you? Give me oxygen. Was that supposed to intimidate Dutch, too? Utterly laughable.

There are thousands of Lightworkers worldwide barely able to keep a roof over their heads, suffering from untold pain and debilitation at the hands of the dark and this goofball is accepting money that could have been theirs.

How much lower can he go? His actions are completely unethical.

As always, you decide what is truth. All I know is what my intuition tells me. Later on we can all laugh about this, but for now, I think it’s serious enough to want to expose the truth and lies around an event that has become somewhat of a distraction.

Suspicious Observers Exposed [video]

Here’s an interesting development—particularly for those who may have donated money to Suspicious Observers/3-Minute-Weather/Benjamin Davidson…

It seems Ben Davidson has been accepting donations from his fans while he is actually heading up a “multi-million dollar company”. No wonder he was so freaked out when Dutch looked up his info and shared some of it.

Suspicious Observers is one of his companies wherein he spreads disinformation about weather modification and geoengineering. It was he who put out the rumour saying HAARP had been shut down due to lack of funds, which was quickly debunked by at least a couple of people—one being Dutch Sinse.

Now we know how he was able to shut down Dutch’s YouTube channel so quickly. He has the resources to do it. It has “cabal” written all over it. The only people who get shut down—or worse—are the ones who are a threat to the Illuminati agenda.

Keeping it Light: August—all Seven Days—in a Nutshell

I know sarcasm doesn’t become me, darling, but humour me. I need an outlet so I don’t explode while waiting for The Event and the REAL financial reset—which IS coming, by the way. Later.

So what have we learned this month?

A helluva lot—considering we’re only one week in. Life is very colourful at the moment, and we’re conspiracy junkies. We have to get our fix somewhere, somehow—even if we have to create the conspiracies ourselves!

First, Drake’s a fake. We’re not sure where he dug up Prime Commander Tanaath or Sunfire, but it sounds like they are imposters, too.

Drake’s buddy Neil Keenan is now highly suspect and some say is not trying to secure the collateral accounts for “us”, but for the bad guys. I guess that accounts for the stall tactics over the years and the venomous attempts to discredit the OPPT gang. No one has mentioned the part his personal press, Michael Henry Dunn plays; whether he’s with him or just collateral damage.

The financial “experts” are saying the reset is in progress and will be announced last week.

Alex Jones is apparently a “repurposed” Bill Hicks, courtesy of the CIA—oh, I’m sorry, you didn’t hear about that?

Since I don’t consider Alex Jones a source of valid information I rarely speak of him, but yes… there are those who have provided  some very compelling evidence that anti-NWO comedian Bill Hicks, who insisted on dying privately at home of his pancreatic cancer at the height of his career went underground alright—but the only thing that dyed was his hair—now a lovely burnished sand colour. Next month may be different.

Yes, Bill faked his death, had plastic surgery, filed down his teeth, added some contact lenses, adopted one of his many alternate stage voices, and apparently went through his personal physical rejuvenation, returning him to the enviable age of—thirty-nine!

Bill-Alex (really 52) is now collecting a generous salary from the CIA to mislead followers at Infowars. And with the “prepper” products he sells as a result of his doom and gloom predictions, many say he’s a very comfortable millionaire.

Yes, it seems that if you ask the classmates Alex Jones supposedly had, they never heard of him—oh, but he has a family so he must be an a-okay guy.

Why is it that so often when a man’s integrity is called into question that he plays the “family” card. Why do they think that having a family has any bearing on who they are or what they have done? Do they think that a married guy with a family is above reproach—as if to suggest that a single guy has no value to his name?

There’s no segue for this one. The U.S. has a new war-mongering, false-flag, fake terrorism initiative in Yemen and an new excuse to use their favourite toy, the unmanned, well-armed Predator drone.

“Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri ordered the head of the terrorist group’s Yemen affiliate to carry out an attack, according to intercepted communications that have led to the closure of U.S. embassies and a global travel alert, said a person briefed on the case.”  Washington Post.

This, according to the mass media, but who vettes this stuff shared by the lamestream since one of the last investigative journalists (Michael Hastings) was murdered in June? I’ll get to the latest on his demise in a minute.

Nevertheless, the offshoots of this latest invasion are plentiful. Not only do the Illuminati get to plunder another country of their resources and take military control, they cultivate the fear factor so prevalent in society today, and they can earn a few points toward their depopulation agenda—sacrificing both the people of Yemen as well as our innocent military if they deploy troops there.

Did I miss something? Is there an election looming? The much lauded Obama arrived here in Phoenix yesterday with his shirt sleeves rolled up, ready to go to work.

He told the students at Desert Vista High School that the cause of the nose dive in the Arizona economy was due to the housing bubble which resulted from a combination of greedy lenders granting money to people who couldn’t afford big mortgages, greedy, irresponsible people who took out loans they knew they couldn’t afford, and greedy people who bought multiple houses for flipping and then couldn’t afford all the mortgages or recoup their costs when the market bottomed out and the homes didn’t sell. It’s all our fault, but…

… the Dept. of Justice thinks it can redeem itself in the eyes of the public by meting out the appropriate corrective measures on our behalf. They have sued Bank of America and others for their “reckless lending”, which will no doubt contribute to the “reset” that is underway when the banksters go bankrupt PUBLICLY and all debt must be zeroed out—which is really a bailout for the cabal and an opportunity to stay in business that much longer.

These are frustrating times and apparently Obama threw his teddy and cancelled a September meeting with Putin because Russia refused to extradite Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker, so the cabal could shut him up once and for all.

Michael Hastings certainly won’t be sharing any secrets—unless it’s from the grave.

“While it’s known that Hastings had warned others, including Wikileaks, that the FBI was on his case, the fact that feds visited the home of the controversial journalist almost immediately prior to his untimely death is yet another facet to a story which has thrown up numerous questions about the circumstances surrounding the car crash that killed Hastings,” from Pakalert Press, who also reports that more details will hopefully soon be released.

Is there something in the air? The 3-minute weather video jock/Suspicious Observer Ben Davidson convinced his followers that Dutch Since, the competition, for lack of a better term, is a traitor because he referred to “HAARP rings” as something else and then did some research online to learn more about the man who sicced his followers on him and eradicated the DutchSince YouTube channel and three years of work in a matter of days. Since when do we have the right to tell video uploaders what terminology to use in their productions?

Davidson says Dutch even dared to access Davidson’s online wedding album. Can you believe the unmitigated gall? But Davidson is a family man and must protect them from treasonous men like Dutch.

And on the topic of weather, our local Sun is going to flip its magnetic field which is the harbinger of great change and affects the entire solar system and beyond, usually creating unstable or extremely stormy space weather, according to NASA. It’s happened many times before but no doubt it will have some worrisome negative effects on Earthlings THIS time. When did we start believing anything NASA says, anyway? It’s an agency of the government just like DHS and IRS with its own secrets and coverups.

And, not to be outdone—Comet Ison is coming and will soon obliterate life on this planet, or, at the very least put us back decades, technologically speaking. I’m sure they’ll make a movie out of it. (they probably already have)

The protagonist changes every few months. It used to be Planet X, Elenin and Nibiru. Ison is the new kid in town. They have to keep life exciting for us so we don’t go back to sleep… yawn…

The fact that we are a planet among millions in the Universe and can expect heavenly bodies to go whizzing by at predictable times as they have for eternity is suddenly supposed to be very scary. I think some of those religious prophecies may have something to do with it.

Now that I think about it, I’m not currently optimistic about the ability of Humanity to handle any new powers that may be coming our way with ascension, and it’s becoming increasingly evident how easy it was for the fallen angels to give in to the temptation to seek control over others with devious tricks. The Illuminati can corrupt almost anyone, it seems and WE are so very gullible.

But in a nutshell, the darkness and the lies are being exposed and our holographic world is crumbling before our disbelieving eyes. The Light is shining into the furthest reaches of our reality and dissolving that which no longer serves us.

higher consciousness photo: Higer Consciousness eclipsegeomanblite.jpgI hope it will root out every nano particle because if there’s any opportunity for someone to exploit the situation, I’m sure they will, and at some point we’ll be right back where we were before the Light forces intervened decades ago.

On that light note I’ll go now and see what other uplifting evidence I can find to support this glorious new age we’re ushering in. It’s looking more and more like a comedic tragedy for the Gods. I hope WE can retain our sense of humour because it’s getting CRAZY out there, with the promise of more chaos to come.

‘SuspiciousObservers’ Plots to Take Down Dutch Since

Thanks, Alfred.

Dutch has a lot of good points… my money’s on him. Ben Davidson is overly suspicious and led an outright attack. And to sic your followers on Dutch? Not very becoming, Ben, and looks like a typical cabal minion attack. Those kind of things usually backfire.

Interesting where donations to SuspiciousObservers go, too…

If anyone would like to help Dutch with legal representation to take the cads to task, please contact him.

Suspicious0bservers leads False Flag campaign to Delete Dutchsinse — Evil Success