WMD LIES: Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld—The Ultimate Clip [video]

Thanks, Richard.

Folks, meet your government!

The video below is a brilliant illustration of the double-speak the US government uses to explain away their actions and ultimately, to cover up the previous lies, and the ones before that, and so on.

Their ploys would be laughable if they hadn’t been the cause of so many deaths and so much misery on this planet.

I think the general public is aware that “politicians say one thing to get elected and usually don’t follow through”, but do they REALLY understand the depth of the deception? I don’t think so. I don’t think they do at all.

I think the public accepts the fact that politicians lie as simply a fact of life. They don’t EXPECT truth and honour any more. They don’t EXPECT transparency. Lying has become normal. It’s tolerated and acceptable!

They wrongly assume that their government does the best it can to protect them and runs the country in such a way as to keep them safe from outside threats—oblivious to the fact that the threat comes from within.

People believe they actually get to choose who represents them, and who their President is. They believe their votes count. Ha!  One of the most popular posts of all time on my blog is, “The Voting Fraud Numbers are In and They’re Shocking”.

I had posted a video in previous months showing a techie programming a Diebold voting machine so that no matter what votes went in, they registered as a vote for a particular candidate. The programmer had been paid to do so and it was his job. 

There was also a video about how the government farmed out vote REcounts in California to a private outfit called Girls Inc. and they wouldn’t let anyone in to film what they were doing or how they were doing it. What do they have to hide?

That same video includes footage of a press conference with Clinton Eugene Curtis admitting he was asked to write the vote-stealing software for use in Florida and told it must hide the fraud. He admits he did write that program.

I shared a post about vote counting being awarded to an off-shore company with a conflict of interest, but the evidence failed to rouse the ire of The People as I had expected. They let the government choose to do what it set out to do whether it was ethical or not. Does our duty end with going to the polls on election day?

Choice is an illusion!  WE didn’t elect ANYONE. We don’t get to choose anything of any importance. THEY choose who they will appoint for all key roles. It’s a SELECTION, not an ELECTION that is held. Parties don’t make a nanoparticle of difference. The difference lies in name only.

Neither of the main presidential candidates in the last election were legally fit to run. Obama wasn’t born in the USA and Romney is not a U.S. citizen either—yet here we are.  The People were herded into the corrals the globalists designed and wrangled from chute to chute until we were in position to fill out a ballot from their lineup of candidates. Ron Paul was a favourite, and so was threatened or his family was threatened or something and he withdrew. There was NEVER any question as to who would be appointed President.

America and its population is being ravaged by domestic terrorists in suits, ties—and often a membership to the Bar—who speak with forked tongues. They are unrolling their plan precisely as they decided they would with little regard for what the public wants. They remain largely uncontested on most counts and that is the environment that apathy breeds.

When the truth comes out about the Illuminati cabals and the atrocities they have committed right under our noses—like 9/11… well, it’s on our doorstep, isn’t it? And most don’t even notice, but fortunately that’s about to change.