Psyop Warning for Washington Area; Heads Up

Update: The Russian Troop story came out last year at this time as well, and it is reported to be from Sorcha Faal, a fake disinfo source.

Drake alerted us to a possible situation outlined on Before It’s News from Rev. Michelle Hopkins I think everyone should be aware of, just in case.

We’ve been warned before that the government has people/organizations trying to instigate civil unrest in The People so they can declare martial law.

Now they’ve brought in at least 12,000 Russian Troops to FEMA District 3, which is the Washington area, and Rev. Michelle is reporting that not only have government officials left Washington, but inordinate NEXRAD pulses were used last weekend with severe repercussions on some local residents, including Rev. Michelle.

She says these pulses were affecting people’s personalities and making them angry and aggressive.

She also mentioned that Adam Kokesh, the fellow who was trying to get ARMED patriots to march on Washington on July 4th, rescinded that and changed it instead to trying to get people in every state to march—ARMED—on their state capitols.

As I’ve said before, that is a recipe for disaster to be answered by martial law and a bloody fight so everyone needs to be aware what the government seems to be up to. We must keep a cool head, no matter what.

Yes, this is July 5th and nothing has transpired yet, but we know that the Illuminati stops at nothing to carry out their plans, so we would be wise not to let our guard down.

If I lived in that area and I could arrange to be elsewhere for a few weeks, I would vacate.

Please check out the radio discussion/video and images at Before It’s News.