Denver Airport Probe: Nearly $2 Billion Overbudget

A mural shows some type of apocalyptic event to take place sometime in the future. (Photo by Shepard Ambellas -

Gee, SOME may be wondering why, but WE know, why, don’t we? And American taxpayers paid for it! Good article from Shepherd Ambellas.

The Denver Airport Went $2 Billion Over Budget, as Some Wonder, Why?

March 28, 2013

Special Report

COLORADO —  The Denver International Airport (DIA) which opened in 1995, has been at topic of interest amongst travelers, researchers and conspiracy theorists since it’s conception.

DIA is the largest airport in the United States and the second largest in the world to King Fahd International Airport.

The aesthetics of the airport were a particular concern amongst its designers according to public reports. Ominous art lines the interior and exterior of the massive 53 square mile complex, ranging from murals depicting some type of future apocalypse to massive statues which some say represent evil on every level.

In fact Gargoyles protect the exit doors of the baggage claim area which sets an eerie overtone all around, while just down the hall we see the murals. The words AU-AG appear near the murals possibly signifying the Australian Antigen or gold and silver according to some.

In fact there is even a massive sculpture of a blue horse (Mustang) with glowing red eyes as you drive up to the airport. This very same statue actually killed it’s creator, artist, Luis Jiménez, as a section of the 9000 lb beast fell on him while he then bled to death. The sculpture was commissioned by the airport at the cost of $300,000.

And if that isn’t creepy enough, to top it all off, one of the airports terminals contains a massive statue of Anubis, the Egyptian God of Death.

So what else do we know about the Denver International Airport?

We know that aerial views of the airport show that the massive complex and its runway systems are indeed in designed in the shape of a German swastika. Some speculate that this signifies the involvement of the “New World Order”, a generic term used to define a powerful group of oligarchs that are planning to form a ”One World Government”. It is well known that Hitler’s top scientists were pardoned as war criminals and were sent to work in US underground facilities to continue operations for the black sector of the US government.

On another note a dedication stone (which is said to have a time-capsule buried underneath) at the Airport even makes mention of a “New World Airport Commission” and was placed at the airport by the Freemasons as a masonic logo is etched into the stone. However, there is currently no mention of this commission publicly. The stone is dated March 19, 1994. Some say that this is an open reference to the New World Order hidden in plain sight.

So where did this term “New World Order” come from?

While Adolph Hitler made reference of it, President George H.W. Bush announced the need for a New World Order in a famous 1991 speech, where he claims “we have a real chance at this New World Order”.

There are also other details that stand out regarding the airport. Another being that the airport also went nearly $2 billion over budget, as some say the costs were inclusive to a massive secret underground complex. Wikipedia states, “DIA finally replaced Stapleton on February 28, 1995, 16 months behind schedule and at a cost of $4.8 billion, nearly $2 billion over budget. The construction employed 11,000 workers. United flight 1062 to Kansas City International Airport was the first to depart and United flight 1474 from Colorado Springs Airport was the first to arrive.”

Although we do know that the airport houses a massive underground structure in terms of train tunnels and endless amounts of baggage conveyors, one must consider other possibilities as the total cost publicly announced almost topped  $5 billion in taxpayer funding.

So why build this airport when reports claim that the old one worked just fine?

Some speculate the reason was to mask the construction of a massive underground base or a D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Base), which are commonly found in and around Colorado. The massive facility would then in turn be connected by Very High Speed Transit systems originally designed by the Rand corporation then connecting the facility to D.U.M.B.’s that sprawl out across the US in more than 132 locations according to some such as Phil Schneider, a geologist reportedly employed by the US Navy to aid in the construction of some of these underground facilities. Phil Schneider was found dead in his apartment shortly after going public on the governments black projects.

In an article I authored in April of 2012 entitled, “L.A. to N.Y. in Half an Hour: 10,000 MPH Tunnel Train Used for Underground Bases” I pointed out, The Vary High Speed Transit System (VHST) was a Rand Corporation concept that was presented to the military industrial complex in the 1970′s.

The concept was way ahead of it’s time, exactly what the secret sinister government needed to connect their vast expansions of underground bases throughout the United States and in various regions worldwide.

This could offer an explanation for some of the recent strange sounds and booms across the country.

The late (and presumably murdered) Phil Schneider spoke about what he called an Electro Magneto Leviton Train System that traveled at speeds in excess of Mach 2.

The VHST and its proposed routes, (vast advanced tunnel systems) at the time of it’s conception in the early 1970′s, fit and follow other underground base researchers findings as well as some of my own.

An interesting aspect within the Rand Corp. document is the fact that the tunnels are way too expansive to pump all of the air out at once to create the frictionless environment needed travel at speeds in excess of 10,000+ MPH.

The air has to be evacuated from the tunnel system in segments with large crucially timed mechanized door systems as the train passes through each vapor locked section.

Electrical and mechanical noises would ensue from such operation of massive airlock doors throughout the tunnel system once the underground bases or VHST were fully operational.

During this process strange air like sounds, hums, and mechanized sounds would persist especially if the tunnels were at a depth of 400 – 800 feet (semi shallow in underground base terms). Energy is also returned into the system as the trains decelerate.

The recent Clintonville booms might also be explained as underground sonic booms.

As the trains reach the speed of sound, a sonic boom could be heard and felt. Multiple booms could persist in one area as the train reaches the speed of sound at the same point in the tunnel system every trip.

VHST Tunnel Map - Rand Corp.

VHST Tunnel Map – Rand Corp.

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