UFO Sightings Over Breckenridge, Colorado, USA

This time, on the local TV news.  Tick, Tock! -LW

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On October 3, 2014, hundreds of people in Breckenridge, Colorado, reported seeing strange, white, orbs of lights hovering in the sky. The orbs hovered in the same general area for over three hours, at times moving into a triangle formation. These exact same “orb triangle” UFOs are appearing all over the world.

Communicating with Your Spirit Guide

We can deny it, but we ARE spiritual beings and if we continue to deny it, reality is going to give us a boot in the butt. We all have the ability to communicate with other consciousness, but it’s a skill that many of us must first believe in, and then cultivate. It’s a gift that doesn’t always get dropped in our lap.

Are spirit guides real? If we experience them, are they not real?

Many people don’t do much of anything important on a daily basis without consulting their guides.

Spirit guides, guardian angels… whatever we perceive them to be are always there at our beck and call. All we need do is ask.

It’s something to think about. If we dispense with the expectation of what it looks like, feels like, smells like, sounds like and let it happen, we may be pleasantly surprised. We could all use a little more wisdom, couldn’t we?  ~ BP

By Trish LeSage

Each and every one of us has at least one spirit guide. Spirit guides are souls that are no longer incarnated with a physical body on the Earth Plane, and they are usually highly evolved spiritually. They give us help when we need it through guidance, they provide us with needed information, and they may protect us. They also help us to grow spiritually and to fulfill our soul contract that details all that we are to experience and learn while incarnated on the Earth. Our guides can and do communicate with us. There are also numerous ways that we, ourselves, can try to communicate with them as well.

First of all, we do not need to be in a trance state, meditative state, under Hypnosis, nor unconscious to communicate with our spirit guides. Their guidance can come through in the form of Telepathy (thoughts in our mind), especially if we have an issue in our daily lives that we are having difficulty solving. They may also communicate with us through symbols, images, colors, odors, auditory sounds, and in other ways. As a matter of fact, some spirits and spirit guides may allow us to smell something that was unique to them like the cologne or perfume that they wore when they were incarnated on the Earth Plane.

Of course a lot of people would like to see their spirit guides with their physical eyes, but this rarely occurs. It has been said that it is hard for them and even uncomfortable for them to manifest into the denseness of the Earth Plane, because they exist at a much higher energy frequency. If they do manifest so that one can see them with their physical eyes, it is usually only for a very brief moment. When they do manifest physically, they may appear as the human form that they were last incarnated into on the Earth Plane, or they may appear as a streak of white light, pinpoints of light, orbs, colors, shadows, symbols, images, etc.

It is difficult to hear the voices of our spirit guides with our physical ears, because they exist on a higher frequency than our Earth Plane. I have heard the voice of my spirit guide verbally with my physical ears on a couple of occasions. His voice was very high pitched and sounded almost digitized due to the high energy frequency that he was communicating at.

Sometimes one can also hear their spirit guides communicate internally, within their mind, in the form of words as well. They can actually hear the voice of their spirit guide intuitively.

The messages that our spirit guides send to us are often like subtle intuition and are almost undetectable. However, our communication with them can grow stronger if we allow them into our life, and we ask for their help. The more aware we are of their existence, the more they tend to help. If a person is not ready to receive their messages and does not ask for help, however, they usually remain silent.

There are many ways in which we, ourselves, can communicate with our spirit guides. I will not touch on all of them, but I will elaborate on a few that I have found to be helpful. Automatic Handwriting, Telepathy, touch, guided meditation, and Hypnosis are a few of the methods that have been proven to work.

First of all, I have found Automatic Handwriting to be effective in communicating with spirit guides. Automatic Handwriting is when a soul who has previously departed the Earth Plane uses a pen or pencil to write. I learned how to do Automatic Handwriting from the book, “Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians: Contact Your Invisible Helpers”, by Richard Webster. The author suggests attaching a string with a piece of tape near the top of a marker, such as a “Sharpie” brand marker for example. The person holds the string in their hand and suspends the marker over a sheet of paper, letting the marker lightly touch the paper. Their elbow should rest against the table. A 90 degree angle should be formed between the person’s elbow and forearm. In other words, the forearm and hand end up being up in the air, but the elbow rests on the table. Try to concentrate on something else while doing it so that your subconscious mind does not influence it. For example, one could watch TV or  listen to music as they are doing it. If it does not work using the hand that you write with, you could try using the other hand. One could try asking questions to see if they receive an answer. I found that after gaining some experience with the method described above, I was eventually able to simply hold a pen in my hand and allow the spirits to write through my hand. Sometimes using Automatic Handwriting will not result in anything at all, and sometimes pictures or shapes may appear instead of words. The key is to be patient and be thankful for whatever is given.

Another way of communicating with our spirit guides is by asking for divine signs. For instance, if we have an issue that we are dealing with, we could ask for our spirit guides to show us a sign for guidance. The answer is often given on TV, the radio, on the internet, in a song, in a book, something a person said, etc. There are many different ways that signs could come to us, and they are often repeated more than once to get our attention. Synchronicities may occur in which a person is in the right place at the right time for something to happen.

Our spirit guides can also communicate with us through touch. One may feel a breeze on their skin when they are indoors with all of the windows closed. Additionally, they may feel like someone is touching them lightly. Also, they may feel a tingle on their skin, warmth, or coolness. I have been able to feel my guides actually massaging my hands. I have had them massage my right hand for a “yes” answer and my left hand for a “no” answer. On a few occasions, my hand even turned purplish blue because of the cold energy from my spirit guide, as spirit energy is quite a bit colder than we are.

Sometimes one can develop their psychic eye/third eye in order to see their spirit guides. This is a form of intuitive vision. There are books and CD’s that can help to develop this. Be patient. Sometimes things like this will not happen until we are ready for them to happen.

Hypnosis and guided meditation CD’s can also allow one to see their spirit guides and to communicate with them. One can ask questions in this way and can often get the answers they need. I have found that making my own cassette tapes is highly successful also.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that our guides usually will not give us hard core data. They will not give us the winning lottery numbers for example. They usually will not give us information about our future either. There are certain paths that our life must take for our soul’s evolution, and learning about our future may affect the outcome in a way in which the soul lesson is missed.

I also wanted to mention that it is always wise to ask for the protection of the white light of the Holy Spirit or whatever one believes in before they try to communicate with their spirit guides. One should also ask that only spirits that are of divine light be allowed to communicate with them.

There are many reasons why a person may not be able to communicate with their spirit guides. Being tired, stressed, and having too many thoughts on their mind could affect communication. Others may be skeptical or afraid. Also, it might not be the right time for communication, because the person may not be ready.

There are many ways in which we can attempt to communicate with our spirit guides. They do and will communicate with us. We need to want to be able to do it, believe that it is possible, and take the time to try. Be patient, as it will happen in perfect divine timing. As the saying goes, “The teacher will appear when the student is ready.”

About The Author:

Trish LeSage is a best selling author on Amazon and is a writer of magazine articles on Metaphysics, self-empowerment, spiritual awakening, ascension, and body-mind-spirit topics.  More information about her work is available on her website at www.beyond3dbooks.com


Best UFO Sightings: Outstanding Compilation! [video]

Thanks to Extraterrestrials.ning.com. One of the very best collections available. 

If you’ve never seen the orbs making crop circles, you must watch this, right at the beginning. This footage even shows the unmanned craft releasing multiple orbs that will perform their handiwork in the fields.  ~ BP

Elaborate Crop Circle in Chualar, California [video]

Update: Jan 6, -11:36 pm –  If you read the article at the link below, you may feel, as I do, that this crop circle is authentic. There has been a significant amount of effort to cast doubt on this and I waffled a few times but I’m reasonably sure  THEY don’t want people to pay attention to it, for several reasons.


Update: Jan 5, 12:49 pm – if you’ve checked the comments below this post, you’ll see some are saying that this was a marketing scheme.

Update: Jan. 4, 9:57 pm – a reader contacted me to say she has reason to believe the crop circle is the real deal. Hopefully she will add her information to this post now that I have opened comments.

Do watch the video someone left in the comments section below this article. Interesting.

I don’t know how I ended up on this website, but there it was on my iPad, and I decided to share. 

Was this just one more lame way to try to cast doubt on the alien connection and convince people that their crop circle messages to us are fake?  I wonder how much they paid those field workers with the GPS devices to create this ridiculous lie. Could it even be done with GPS? Sounds fishy to me, esp. when the farmer just “happened” to be away that week.

Some people will do anything for money. A clerk at our feed store told me “they” pay residents of Mesa, AZ $1000 to allow them to erect a cell/mind control tower in their yard.   ~ BP

Morse code

Crop Circle Sensational Hoax ; Updated : 30 people seen in the fields working with GPS: Chualar People In CA will pay for Con:

Residents of Canyon Road Chualar CA. should be looking at who organised 30 people the weeks before with GPS’s and night workers to prepare this elaborate hoax crop circle whilst the Farmer just so happened to be away for that week with no one protecting his crops but immediately hired the services of Echelon Security Co the moment he noticed this circle in his field.

Firstly, a true Crop Circle looks like this :


Individually they look like this:


Normally with Sacred Geometry and  Binary Code messages and so complex that one would have difficulty drawing on paper let alone in a huge field:

Here is how they get made: Balls of white light : Energized Orbs we call them:

Sorry about the poor selection of video there are numerous more like this but the principle is the same:

Here is a fabricated story of how they were made and many questions arise:

Here are the reasons for The Chualar Canyon Road Crop Circle was being a False flag:

False flags have certain criteria and here is a list of those :

1) Confusion

2) People seen working in same area before the event.

3) Total removal of evidence with 24-48 hours of reporting.

4) Impressionable Mainstream Media foreknowledge and privelidges to film.

5) Coincidences with owners of the establishment.

All above queries have been answered in just one 3 minute video:

Read the rest of the article/see video…

21 Most Amazing Archaelogical Discoveries Reported in 2013

You must see this array of astonishing discoveries. More and more of Humanity’s true history is surfacing, answering age-old questions, and posing even more.

See the web site and explanations here.

Remarkable, Close-Up ET Encounters in Oregon on Video [+ audio}

Thanks to Extraterrestrials.ning.com for sharing this great collection. Wow.

This guy is an ET magnet. You’ve got to see this—particularly the video that just says, “Wow”. That says it all. 

The first one is an interview with images, the rest are regular videos.

I wonder what they’re doing...

Mojo has established somewhat of a relationship with these visitors and it just goes to show what can happen if you’re open.  ~ BP


This presentation is an exclusive phone interview with an incredible UFO-ET experiencer, “Mojo,” currently living in Oregon while filming and interacting with UFOs and ET intelligence in a formerly unprecedented manner.

Although he does not claim to have full, in-depth awareness of their motivation or intent, he openly shares his knowledge and the complexities of his incredible relationship and experiences that he has catalogued during his 200-plus sightings.

The link for the video used as a backdrop for this interview is listed below. In this specific video, a startling element previously unknown to videographer was discovered during digital video analysis–PLEASE WATCH this to the end of the interview. All rights are reserved for the images in this video by WHOTOOKMYMOJO. This video is used with permission.

The object is near ground level less then a few hundred feet upstream from the camera. The craft has been observed in the general vicinity for over 2 years. The surface of the object appears organic and translucent. There appears to be beings of light that self illuminate and move at incredible speeds. In this clip at least two of the beings can be seen. A shorter one on the left and then a taller one that moves to the shorter one very fast. A viewer alerted me to the possible display of affection by the taller ET whom seems to be stroking the head of the shorter one @2:45 mark.

A stationary object is filmed above the trees less then 150 feet away. Part way through the clip I shine the flashlight in the direction of the display to show perspective as lights begin to illuminate and blink in configuration.\

A pinkish hue of lit surface section. Organisms/orbs inside the translucent surface. Dark inward facing protrusions moving quickly around brightest sphere & common in other videos. Other orbs appear to be consuming the energetic self-illuminating sphere. Sharp edge details can be seen on the small white fast blinking orbs. The object is near ground level where other bright spheres provided brilliant illumination in the past.

2013 update: Looking back at this time frame, the beginning of some amazing near ground displays brings back some memories. Many observations later I still feel some of my first hypothesis still hold true. The sphere is in the craft and powering up and beings are connecting with it. Other videos confirm this. 

(Original description)The object is located at ground level above the creek and about 250-300 feet away. The camera focuses in on left side where the action begins. One of the lights moves inside and another light illuminates the surface, more lights illuminate to show the organic look of the surface. Finally lights illuminate so brightly inside the craft that I switch the cam off night shot briefly.

More amazing footage can be seen on Mojo’s chanel:..whotookmymojo