Roadmap to Redressing Economic Terrorism in America

Wow, Gordon Duff is letting Americans have it with both barrels! The Truth shall out! And I have a feeling there’s lots more where this came from in the coming days… I hope their readership continues to expand exponentially.

We Weren’t Going to Stay Stupid Forever

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today

When the Cold War ended, a secret fund planned for by President Ronald Reagan had been set aside to rebuild America, pay off the national debt and reward Americans for decades of sacrifice.

This was the real accomplishment of his presidency, one few knew of.

As the funds finally came together, during the first years of the Clinton administration, instead of going to America, the man chosen to secure this legacy for America was put in a Swiss dungeon, then a mental hospital and eventually railroaded into prison on charges now admitted to have been “manufactured.”

Of the funds, only $4.5 trillion remain (plus interest, less taxes), belonging to Ameritrust Corporation, held for the American people. This is some of the story of those funds and continuing attempts by politicians and bankers to continue destroying the United States through economic terrorism.

Many who read this will already know part of the story, some were involved, I am sure, in related operations. I am part of that group. The facts, documents, secret operations carefully vetted, confirmed, all now ready for release to those cleared for such, others are public domain.

It is our job to put out a story we are largely unauthorized to tell.

Of those who work in Special Operations and such things, I am one of the very few with a background in international finance. This is not written for public consumption but I will publish it anyway, do with it as you will. I am writing to our “community.” You know who you are.

Whose Money Were They Lending? – Stolen Money?

Over the past few years, amounts of money and practices none of us had imagined have been hitting the news.

We hear one day that the Federal Reserve secretly lends out trillions of dollars illegally, yet these criminal acts by the Federal Reserve, though reported, are never investigated.

In fact, there is no agency empowered to audit or control the Federal Reserve whose very existence itself no one understands and, if they did, none would approve of.

It doesn’t say whose dollars or where they went or what America got in return. We are led to believe they came out of thin air, went to places that are “none of our business” and were or were not paid back, also none of our business.

What happened? America got screwed.

Years ago, I had been asked to look after a former Reagan official named Lee Wanta. Some of you will understand this sentence, who does the asking, and what “look after”means.

I knew he had been kidnapped in Switzerland and, though a diplomat, sent to the US and imprisoned on criminal charges we knew to be a total invention.

His personal attorney was Chief Legal Counsel for the Central Intelligence Agency.

My retiree job is as an intelligence contractor working with pro-US clients. I “brief,” not interview. I am not a journalist by trade. I am one of the thousands of Americans that middle age has turned from a “knock in the back of the head” guy to someone who can talk his way out of a dozen foreign jails.

I am simply one of many Americans that few know exist, a Marine, a Vietnam veteran and someone who spent much of his life with his head upside down.

What Happened to Lee Wanta Actually Happened to All Americans

Who Stole the Money – And Who Did They Steal it For?

Ambassador Wanta has court documentation that he is owed $7.2 trillion dollars, private capital designated for one purpose, rebuilding the American economy.

The money was garnered through exploiting insane errors in the pricing of currencies and exploiting the economic policies of the former Soviet Union. Some of the profits had ended up in the Bank of China and were, according to legal agreement, repatriated to the United States, what remained anyway.

Initially, $4.5 trillion was transferred to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond while issues of law and taxes were negotiated. This is the remainder of a larger fund, transferred into the US while litigation was to determine tax liability and little else.

Secretly, a group of individuals has been using and diverting these funds.

Why does the fund exist? Wanta worked for Reagan, National Intelligence Coordinator and then was nominated by Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa at Reagan’s request to take over as Inspector General of the Department of Defense.

Instead, Reagan assigned Wanta to a project to raise huge amounts of money trading currency. Some of this is on the internet and much of it is correct. The total amount raised, based on collateral supplied by the US Department of Treasury in a secret intelligence operation was 27 trillion USD.

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IMF Issues Direct Communique to Obama

by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America – It can now be reported that IMF President Christine Lagarde directly communicated with alleged President Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke and told them to follow the rule of law and implement the U.S. side of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols and do it NOW!

Chief Justice John Glover Roberts, Jr.
Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court

Note: Lagarde now has full support, on U.S. soil, from the U.S. Marshal Service, the U.S. Inspector General, the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, along with U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

The Protocols represent a total of $4.5 TRILLION, including 1.5 TRILLION due the U.S. Treasury (hello IRS).

Check Kiter Timothy Geithner
AFP Photo / Alex Wong

P.S. U.S. Treasury Secretary and check kiter, Timothy Geithner, threw a temper tantrum after talking to Lagarde. Geithner’s temper tantrum comes on the heels of the Number 3 official at the top of the U.S. Treasury being forced to resign after being fingered for aiding Bank of America of Charlotte, North Carolina in the purchase of illegal patents and using co-mingled Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds to complete the purchase.

Item: This co-mingling of funds included the $18 billion stolen from Ambassador Leo Wanta by the rogue state of Wisconsin and its Bush-Clinton Crime Family stooge Governor Tommy Thompson.

Reference: The AmeriTrust account and the Children’s Defense Fund.

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